Stop Emotional Eating by the End of Today!

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 1.   Progress is about making choices and then following through with them. 

Deciding to become healthy is a commitment to yourself. 


It can be a goal that works for you.[/block]


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2. Visualize the kind of body you truly desire to have.

What does it look like? How does it feel? How does it behave?

How do I care for my body? How do I nourish it?

What mental messages have I been giving to my body? Why am I looking at this now?


Review this list every day.


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3. Your past doesn’t dictate your future.

Learn from the past instead by letting the struggles,

frustrations and failures remain in the past.

Reflect back upon the strategies that did work.


Bring these forward to support you in the present.


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4. What’s the real problem?

What is triggering hunger and over-eating? Is it boredom? Stress?

Giving ourselves a reward or break?

Accept the fact that diets don’t work permanently

because they are not the answer to this problem.

The obsession with food and weight is a symptom of the stress and pain present in our lives. We use food to quiet or to ‘stuff down’ our emotions.


Emotional eaters have a living problem,

not an eating problem.


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5. Get curious by paying attention to why and when you overeat.

Start a journal and note the time, the emotion you were feeling, and the food you chose to eat.

This isn’t about judgment, blame, and shame. We want to know what emotions send us to the pantry.


Notice any patterns. You are becoming a detective by bringing awareness to your subconscious mind.


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6. Hit the pause button & attend to yourself before reaching for a favorite snack.

Ask yourself, what am I really hungry for? What is truly going on for me?

We emotionally eat because food distracts us.


It rewards, soothes, and numbs us so we self-medicate through eating.


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7. Create a list of other ways to feed yourself without using food to meet your emotional needs

This could be through journal writing, talking out-loud, phoning a friend, reading, coloring, going out for a walk, and so forth.

Have a list handy when that intense temptation arises.


It’s tough to abandon bad habits unless we replace them with healthier habits.


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8. Put the metaphorical stick down.

If you really, really feel the need to eat the entire bag of chips, then just do it. Give yourself permission and really enjoy it.

This doesn’t mean you are a failure or a bad person. This just means that you chose food as a substitute to meet certain needs for yourself rather than choosing more healthful and meaningful ways. That’s okay, you are learning about yourself.

Each of us is a perfect imperfect human being and we will have ‘one of those days’. The point is to keep those days far and few between.


There are no failures.

There are only opportunities for learning and growing.


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9. Consistency includes living in the future at times.

When we live in the present, we do not think about consequences. We grab that box of cookies for instant gratification and quick pleasure without acknowledging the consequences down the road.

Before you reach for your favorite snack, ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” “Is this temporary pleasure really worth the future consequences?”


In addition, remind yourself of your WHY.


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10.Reflect and adjust, day by day.

It doesn’t matter if you have a “bad” day.


Each morning is a new opportunity to recommit to your vision and your why.


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11.Move your body for 20 minutes each day

Find an activity that you enjoy such as walking, dancing to your favorite music, picking up a hula hoop, or jumping rope.


Do any activity that increases your heart rate.


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12.Celebrate your successes!

Little steps get you to your goal result so acknowledge those small progressive steps you take each day as success.


Be happy now, rather than looking at “X number of pounds” from now.[/block]

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This is a new way of being. 

Your journey will provide your greatest transformation for achieving permanent results.


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