Are You Looking For What’s Right or for What’s Wrong?

No matter what’s happening in our lives, we always have the choice to look for ‘what is right’ or ‘what is wrong’.  A great example of this notion is the expression: “Is the glass half-empty or half-full”?  Which approach do you practice?
Consider the possibility that when we look for ‘what’s wrong’, we may be allowing fear to guide us.  Because fear restricts us, it prevents us from moving outside of our comfort zone. It tells us what we can and cannot do and it forces us to play small as we walk around in circles unable to make a decision. This creates more stress in our lives.
When we make a conscious effort to look for ‘what’s right’, we are trusting in a process that may lead us past what we already know or believe. By noticing ‘what’s right’, we  give ourselves the ability to look beyond our immediate circumstances, to become more resourceful and, as a result, to attract new opportunities to ourselves.
The pay-off about looking for ‘what’s right’ can allow us to feel more confident, empowered and hopeful as we know there is potential to build upon what is actually present.  When we look for ‘what’s wrong’ only, we may blame others for any misfortune suggesting that we feel powerless about how life events unfold for us.
Becoming aware of a negative tendency has the power to positively shift the trajectory of your life.  Once you are conscious about your attitude regarding the half-empty / half-full concept, you have a choice about changing your perception or not. Remember, it has been stated that ‘like attracts like’, so what you focus upon comes to you.

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