Relationship With Self

The most important relationship we will ever experience in our life is the connection with ourself.
If we are not able to accept and love ourselves as we are, we will struggle to accept and receive love from others. This will create difficulty in reciprocating those same feelings as well.
We give our power away when we continue to seek validation from others – when we want them to tell us that we are lovable, worthy, and important. In those times, our need for approval from the outside world is so high that we may be blinded to the signs that some relationships are not in our best interest.  
As you learn to accept and love yourself, you will feel more compassion, gratitude, and gentleness towards yourself. Others may notice that you are less judgmental, softer and more accepting; yet confident too. They may feel you have become more present; that you listen more deeply; that you are a joy to be around.
How can you accept and love yourself more today?

Some suggestions:

  1. Gratitude Journal:  Each day write out 5 things about yourself for which you are grateful.
  2. Win Jar:  Place a small pad of paper beside this jar so it’s immediately handy.  Every time you do something positive, write it down and place that note into the jar.  On those days in which you are feeling down, read those notes.
  3. ‘Post-it’ notes:  Write down your positive affirmations and leave these attached to surfaces throughout your home in places that you routinely pass by. You will notice them and be reminded.

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