Passion Patterns Coaching

We will get to the heart of who you are in relationship

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We will look at how you communicate with your partner

So that you might become clear about the effect

Your words and attitude have upon the other person.


In moving into this place of learning and understanding, 

You will  discover the actions, words and behaviours that truly lead

Towards creating the love and connection you desire to have in your life.[/block]


At some point, all of us need to learn new patterns and habits to re-ignite that special chemistry with our partner.


In my Passion Patterns Coaching work with couples, I support individuals in cultivating meaningful connections, healthy communication, increased trust, and more passion with their romantic partners.

I help each person to recognize or “get to the heart” of who they are in relationship along with how they communicate that information, specifically, to their partners. Once that foundation has been established, I help both people to identify and take actions that will support and nurture the love they each want and desire.

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Through the Passion Patterns Program,

we will uncover the beliefs and challenges

preventing you from enjoying a loving relationship.[/block]


If you are single, you will gain clarity about what your needs are in a relationship and therefore begin attracting people who are a better match for you.  Although it is ideal for both partners to be in session together, positive change can still be achieved by one partner.


[quote author=”Couple” source=””]Relationship Coaching was exactly the push my husband and I needed to recommit to each other.  Stephanie zeroed in on our relationship’s strengths and then helped us to build upon this foundation by understanding each other’s needs while learning to communicate better. With Stephanie’s guidance, we were able to put the ‘spark’ back into our marriage![/quote]