Health Evaluation

During the first half of our session together, we will return balance to your body by identifying pathogens and toxicity levels, balancing your organs and glands, assessing your nutritional/lifestyle needs, and harmonizing your bodies energy systems.

In the second part, you will learn a tool to facilitate communication with your body, understanding what it needs for optimal health. Your body will let you know what specific supplements are beneficial, test for food sensitivities, and so much more..

Mini Coaching Package

Through this uplifting experience, you will begin to free yourself from the areas that you feel stuck, unworthy, and less than who you really are. You will quickly start to experience an inner freeing like no other.

As we connect more deeply with ourselves, we are better able to heal and rebuild
our lives.

Three Month Coaching

Through our self-discovery journey, we will strip away the masks and unhealthy coping strategies that no longer serve you. This process enables us to uncover the truth of who you are. .

The distorted view you have of yourself will begin to crumble and dissolve as you awaken to your unique gifts. A deep sense of self appreciation will begin to emerge as you step more fully into your personal power. .

When you transform the love you have with yourself, you transform your relationship with yourself and everyone else around you..

Programs and Packages:

Coaching packages are customized to address your individual needs.  

During your FREE Discovery Sessionwe will explore a personalized  program that is unique to you.