Welcome to a Journey in Self Discovery

Let's learn to activate latent, inner potential; the kind of potential that propels you into living a more magnificent version of life than you ever thought possible.

Yes! It's my time!

Hi I'm Stephanie!

My mission is to create a greater impact in this world through advocating and assisting with the transformation of personal pain and suffering into personal power and inner peace.

I believe each person has unique gifts and skills that they bring into this world. My desire and passion is to support you in uncovering and unleashing these hidden potentials.

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What My Wonderful Self Discoverers Say

  • Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for all you have done for me. You are such a pleasure to be around and are truly amazing at what you do. I am forever grateful and so blessed that our paths have crossed. I am definitely on the right path and feel amazing.

    Julie Peacock South Surrey
  • I AM and forever will be, grateful beyond measure that Stephanie follows her heart, and 'does what she should be doing', thereby ensuring that more broken people like myself can have the life they were meant to be living-in peace.

    Katarina Sobchak I AM Katarina Sobchak

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