Welcome to a Journey in Self-Discovery


Are you ready to let go of the daily struggle? 


Yes, You! It is your time…

And as your guide, empowering and supporting you along this Path, is my Mission.

In our first session together, we will uncover some of the beliefs that hold you back and keep you  caught in old patterns of thinking and behaving. Quickly, you will experience deep, inner shifts, and you will be inspired to move much closer towards your goals whatever those may be for you.

aroni-arsa-children-little a1When we were young children, we might have experienced an event and made it mean something about ourselves. As an example, let’s say that our parents separated when we were three years old.  As little babes, we might have subsequently believed that this outcome was our fault and, as a result, felt that we were unlovable; we were not good enough; we were bad or wrong; we weren’t important; and/or, we might also have felt that people can’t be trusted and that life is a struggle. Then, as we continued to grow older, we held on tightly to that story, believing in its narrative. It became who we were on some level and laid its influence over our lives. It began to control the choices we made by spreading its powerful narrative within us as it began affecting our behavior too.

Ask yourself, what stories from your past are you continuing to tell yourself about who you are? Are these good stories or bad stories? If they are negative stories, then how much longer do you want to allow these to run amok and impact your life? If these are negative stories, then haven’t you punished yourself long enough?

Allow me to support you in reframing these stories and ending the struggle and self sabotage they cause. Let me empower you to move towards an experience of love and joy. It is time for you to uncover and release your hidden potential so that you might know how freedom really feels and so that you might know more about the awesome possibilities that can become your reality. Make well-being a priority.

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My services are for you if you are ready to:

  • Stop sabotaging your success.
  • End the struggle.
  • Release your fears and move out of your own way so you can make clear decisions about what to do next.
  • Let go of your ‘stories’ (limiting beliefs) and  create new empowering stories to carry you forward into a life that you love.
  • Feel inspired so that you might create a life you truly desire.
  • Shift your life from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Achieve greater peace, love, and happiness.